Higher Education Scholarship Program 

Many years ago First Baptist Church started a Student Loan Fund to help students in need. The fund was later enhanced by moneys from the Laura Lawton Legacy, the interest from which is used by the Fund. Today moneys from the Fund are allocated annually to all approved applicants to help with their educational costs and to be an encouragement from the church fellowship as they pursue higher education or training. 

Purpose: To encourage young people to prepare for a Christian vocation, and secondly, to encourage young people to choose a Christian institution (over a tax supported school), whatever their career goal may be.

Scholarships: Amounts vary according to funds available and number of applicants.
Applications: Accepted through June 20

Qualifications: Full Time students only 

Program Details:

A.    Institutions viewed as being evangelically Christian will be designated “first preference”. While some institutions have a historic tie to one or more denominations, first preference would be reserved for those which, as a part of their present stated purpose, have a decidedly Christian ethos and commitment to Jesus Christ. Specifically, they would hold to a historic Protestant, orthodox, conservative understanding of the central doctrines of the Christian faith. Other institutions not meeting this criteria will be designated “second preference”. Final decisions will be made by the Scholarship Committee.

B.    Each student’s institution is rated either “first preference” (and is assigned 2 points) or “second preference” (and is assigned 1 point). These points are added together for all applicants and then that total is divided into the amount of money available to produce a base scholarship amount for the year. Students attending a “first preference” institution will receive two (2) times that base amount for the year. Students attending a “second preference” institution will receive the base amount for the year.

C.    In order to be eligible for a scholarship, the student must be a member of First Baptist Church and have attended a First Baptist Church morning worship service at least 75% of the time in the year prior to their enrollment.

D.    Once enrolled in a program of study, in order to continue to be eligible for scholarship funds the person must attend a First Baptist Church morning worship service at least 75% of the time when in the Wellsboro area. The Committee may also discontinue the scholarship funds of a student whose lifestyle is not consistent with the teachings of Christ. This will be up to the discretion of the Scholarship Committee.

E.    Each year a Scholarship Committee is appointed by the Board of Missions in accordance with the constitution. The Committee meets following the closing date specified above for receiving applications and prior to June 25. For students attending an institution with a matching scholarship program, the appropriate form(s) must accompany the application so the institution can be notified prior to the deadline it may have. No scholarships are usually given during the rest of the year.

F.    Checks are normally given as follows: One half of the scholarship is given at the beginning of the school year and one half after the completion of the first semester, providing the student submits a statement via the online form at www.firstbaptistwellsboro.com (available Dec. 1) or by letter to the Scholarship Committee c/o the church office by December 20 stating that he/she has successfully completed his/her first semester and has registered for a second semester.

G.    All aspects of the scholarship program may be changed, without notice, at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee.

Note: The scholarship money is nontaxable to the student as long as a) the student is a candidate for a degree at an educational institution, and b) the money is used for tuition and fees to enroll in or attend the educational institution or to pay for books, supplies, or equipment required of all students for a course or courses at the educational institution. The scholarship money is taxable if used by the student for room and board, travel, or other services.  The student would then be responsible for reporting it to the IRS as income.)

By clicking on "Higher Education Scholarship Form" I am acknowledging that I have read the above scholarship program information and am in agreement with it.  (This link will take you to the Higher Education Scholarship application form.)